How to behave in relations with representatives of the media # 2

Let's take a brief look at what can happen if confidential information is provided to a journalist.

First of all, he may become suspicious of the source. If the source is not ready for public disclosure of information, it is unlikely that other information is not very relevant and this source begins to manipulate me? In this case, the journalist can use the information at his discretion, even if he does not mention the source, and if the "confidential" information is not verified, he will suffer the most after publication.

By choosing to disclose confidential information, you make yourself available to the journalist to the same extent that he is at your disposal. NEVER disclose information in this way unless, as a last resort, you are not sure what this person is saying. As a rule, it is better to assume that everything you say to a journalist will be published later, and therefore you will no longer be able to emphasize which information is not for the record and which is for the record.

Press releases

When preparing a press release, you must remember the recipient. Who are you writing a press release for? Any press release is a message, and any message must take into account the identity and interests of the recipient or recipient, as well as the sender.

Sending out a press release is one of the simplest tasks of a public relations officer, but before taking action, we must remember the goals of the campaign and the group of journalists we want to achieve. Do we want national coverage? Then the press material should be written from this point of view - of general interest. Do we want to present the product in specialized conditions? Then we will need to attach to the press release technical data sheets, detailed information about the composition, etc. - if necessary - and functionality for users.

Imagine that every time you write a press release, you answer the question "how is it used by the user?" to get the optimal result.

Four important aspects for creating a valuable Press release:

It is designed for a specific target group;
It covers all the basics, but not in boring details;
Facilitates the ability to contact the sender or a representative of the company;
The important points in the press release can be summarized on page A4.
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